About Jo & Jeramiah

We were secretly in love since we were children but we never told each other until this year! So now we are on our new adventure and we want you to join us! 

We are both pretty diverse in what we enjoy doing so we bring a lot to the table! Jeramiah focuses mostly on his music. His guitar and singing is where it's at for him! 

Jo is a little more eclectic and while doing photography is her main love, she also loves doing hair and makeup. 


Together we love to explore and travel. Recently we have started up a new business of making jewelry. We love booking shows and we sell our pieces on Etsy as well! 

Our pieces are inspired completely by the world around us. We love to keep the natural element in our work. 

With Photography we DO travel! Please contact us for more information! 


Social Media

Instagram @caravandreamers





not to escape life,

but for life

not to escape us.